Terrain and Scenery

A few odds and sods of building etc. that I have painted/made in between figure painting.

A small Spanish farm (buildings by Timecast)

A small Spanish farm (buildings by TimeCast)

Some TimeCast buildings in a setting scratch built by me.

farmcomlex1smThe same farm with some stone walled fields, a lemon orchard and small vineyard, again all scratch built.

Small Spanish farm by Total Battle Miniatures.

Small Spanish farm by Total Battle Miniatures.

Another Spanish farm by Total Battle Miniatures

Another Spanish farm by Total Battle Miniatures

I like the buildings by TBM, a lot of people don’t like the condensed footprint but here is their explanation of why they do it:

“Big Battalions buildings have a shrunken footprint while keeping correct scale height. These buildings are for games where a more than one-to-one, figure-to-man ratio is to be used, allowing settlements to be depicted with a reasonable collection of buildings rather than one or two buildings depicting whole towns. “

Roads and Rivers

Having looked at most of the commercially available roads and rivers I am not that happy about having to buy most of them in sets due to the complications of making them out of resin.
For instance if I wanted 4 tee junctions I would have to buy 4 sets that included 1 tee junction. Expensive and wasteful.
So I thought I would have a go at making some of my own using roofing felt as a base (the thin nail on stuff for sheds).

roadsmHere is the first attempt at a road which came out quite well. PVA glue, sand for texture, flock for verges and bit of static grass and clumps (home-made) coat the lot in a good coat of matt spray varnish and all done.
The advantage of making my own is my 40mm wide bases fit perfectly, I can make whatever junctions I need and even taper the roads for entrances to farm buildings etc.

riversmHere’s a river section I made, nearly the same technique as the road.
Roof felt base, sand and small railway ballast for texture, dry brush, flock for the banks and some static grass, clumps and a bit of twig for decoration.
I built the banks up either side of the river with some acrylic decorators caulk from B&Q (don’t use silicone based stuff!!!)
The whole lot then sprayed with matt varnish to fix it. I then used a few coats of Ronseal diamond hard gloss varnish on the river surface to give a nice appearance of water.
You can actually build it up quite deep like that very expensive water effect stuff they use on model railway setups, but a fraction of the price.

I’m not sure I will go with the home-made option for the river sections, they are very time-consuming and the commercial stuff might be an option here, the width is not that critical and you don’t tend to put tee junctions etc in rivers 🙂

A Spanish Monastery by Total Battle Miniatures






I had great fun painting this and there is a full tutorial on how I did it here .

A nice Spanish mill by Total Battle miniatures.


Using acrylic caulk for scenery.

I have been experimenting with this method to make some fields and woods. It’s dead easy, just thinly spread acrylic (not silicone!!) onto some wax or silicone baking paper, let it dry for a day, peel it off, then add flock and or static grass to taste.

The fields

caulkfieldsAll you need.

wheat td smThe result, some nice wheat fields.

wheatclosesmA close up, static grass was applied with a ‘Flockbox’ static grass applicator.

The woods

The same method used but I put the caulk directly onto some thin roofing felt.


fullwoods emptyI have left the trees removable to get troops inside.

fullwoodstroopsLike so.

For the scatter to represent dead leaf litter I used the content of 3 tea bags (the wife’s I might add, I’m a coffee nut), 2 English breakfast and one apple tea for a bit of contrast 🙂

Just got round to finishing off the Monastery with it’s own grounds.

MonesteryfinishedsmThe gatehouse is by Leven Miniatures, the walls by Timecast and the rest scratch built by me.

Roads and Rivers part 2

I have decided that due to time constraints and an ever increasing ‘lead mountain’ I cannot afford the time to scratchbuild all the roads and rivers I need for a 10′ x 5′ table, so I came to the conclusion to go down the commercial route.
TimeCast have come out with a new range of flexible roads and rivers with bridges to fit virtually all scales and combinations, So I have invested in some.

rivervalleysmThe river, roads and bridge  from Timecast’s new range. The hills are from Kalistra’s non hex terrain range. They are made of vacuum formed plastic and have saved me a lot of time and money rather than making them from EPS which expensive to buy in big blocks and you end up throwing most of it away in the end.
The hills are thicker plastic than I expected and need no extra weighting down (was expecting to have to put plasticine or similar inside) and come in 3 different sizes and heights (very handy).
They also stack inside each other which is great from a storage point of view.

thebridgesmHere is a close up of the Timecast bridge which are smashing models, very crisp and clean but then I did buy them the week after they announced them so the moulds are brand new.
The Olive tree to the left is scratch built made from lichen gathered from dog walking, trunk from sculpted milliput and flock is a silvery green.


I have been playing with things agricultural to break up the figure painting a bit.
Haystacks, wheatsheaves and hurdle sheep pens by Timecast, stone walls by TBM.
Better paint some sheep next! 🙂

 Taking a break
I have been taking a break from figure painting for a couple of weeks to concentrate on  some scenery, in particular, the Hill Town set by Total Battle Miniatures which I have been itching to take a paintbrush to for ages.
hillvillagelookingnortheastClick on the pictures for a larger version.
The trees are all scratch built as is the vegetable garden, the statue and the town square. The sheep and the figure for the statue are by Baccus .
The hurdles and roads by Timecast.
Hope you like!

Just finished working on my take of Hougoumont. This is a modified version of the Leven Miniatures model.
I added some thatch to the barns as it would have been before the battle.

The view from the South


From the East


The North side


Finally from the West

Thanks for looking.


6 thoughts on “Terrain and Scenery

  1. These are some of the best painted buildings I have seen in any scale let alone 1/300 this is superb work Tim well done.

    Perfect six

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