The 6th Legere

I have just finished my first French light Regiment for about 35 years.

The 6th Legere Rgt.
all bats6thlegerecropped

Some close up shots of the individual battalions:

The 1st Battalion.
1st bat 6th legereNote the bearskins and colpaks of the Carabinier and Voltegeur companies and see the notes regarding the Colonel.

The 2nd Battalion and the Colonel (See note below)

The 3rd Battalion

Some notes on the Colonel.
I have been mucking about with “Platoon Forward” an addition for WW2 rules by Too Fat Lardies which adds a role playing element into games by giving characteristics to the commanders.
I can use that for solo play in Napoleonics methinks! (any info on commanders that might effect the way they act in any given situation is handy when playing solo).

I rolled up a character for him:

The first catagory is personality = Cunning
The second is motivation and interest = Wealth
TFL description: “Interested in, motivated by and a respecter of wealth,
he will seek it out by all means legal
I roll for age = 44
At this stage I decide there is only one profession that could have been before the war…a lawyer!
Enough time to learn his trade and earn a few sous before getting sucked into the war and progressing up to Colonel.
I have given him the name of  Yves Vanier also known as ‘Le Renard‘ by his men.
I also come to the conclusion that hes is probably a bit conservative by nature and for that reason has managed to save enough bits at the Regimental depot to supply the first Battalion flank companies with bearskins and colpaks which are officially not allowed (thats my excuse for painting them anyway!)
The next roll is for combat temperament which comes up as Even (fits in well with the rest of his character being a cunning, calculating bugger!)
Combat skill = Level 4 which is the top score, so he is obviously a very good Colonel and quite capable of taking over from the General of Brigade if he happens to unfortunately get cut in half by a cannon ball.
The background table throws up that he is ‘An average type of man with no modifiers‘, this also fits within the character of a clever man with no connection to the aristocracy so getting through the Revolution unscathed but still wanting to progress in life.

Enough rambling for one day!


Wargames table and Terrain

I have painted a fair bit of terrain and stuff recently so I thought I would put a picture up of the table with most of it.

Tableand terrainsm

6mm Napoleonic Wargaming

This blog is basically a record of stuff that I am working on at the moment for my new 6mm Napoleonic wargames setup.

The army will be based on a semi fictitious French Corps in the period running up to 1812 in Spain before any major changes to the French uniform and flags, in fact at a push it could be used for the invasion of Russia (most units would not have received new uniforms or flags yet). That’s if I live long enough to paint any Russians!!  🙂

Some of my painted figures:

The 1st Cavalry Brigadeltcavbrignew

lasalle2General of the 1st Cavalry Brigade, looks a bit like Lasalle or maybe just coincidence! (Please forgive the errant static grass that I forgot to blow off before taking the picture.)

1st Cavary Brigade's Horse Artillery on the march.

1st Cavary Brigade’s Horse Artillery on the march.

69th Infantrie de Ligne

The 3 battalions of the 69th with Colonel Buveur advance in

The 3 battalions of the 69th with Colonel Buveur advance in “Ordre Mixte”

The 2nd and 3rd battalions of the 69th

The 2nd and 3rd battalions of the 69th

Ist Division Foot Artillery in action

Ist Division Foot Artillery in action

Elements of the 18th Corps

Elements of the 18th Corps

All my figures are from Adler Miniatures