Some of my favourite links for 6mm stuff:


Buidings and scenery


Great buildings and scenery   

Total Battle Miniatures
My personal favourite buildings

Leven miniatures
Great range of buildings ect. from all periods. Best Napoleonic range around.

World War Scenics
Great range of static grass etc.

Realistic Modelling Services
Probably the best range of different flocks including odd types like Poppy Field

Ebay seller of good everyday wargaming trees
Nice range of cheap wargaming trees for everday battling

4D Model Making Materials
Great custom made trees in all sizes for that special occasion for a diorama for instance, not cheap but great looking stuff

Arcane Scenery and Models
Good range of products including all the Javis flocks

Perfect Six Scenics
Rare 300th scale items like barrels and barricades


Precision Wargames supplies Ltd.
Nice thin metal bases in many different sizes or custom sizes


Adler Miniatures
The best and most detailed 6mm figs available

Full range of 6mm figs and even some flag sheets




Free downloads for most of the Napoleonic units, great resource



March Attack by Crusader Publishing
Not tried them yet but they look very good after reading through


Perfect Six 6mm Figure Painting
the best 6mm Napoleonic painter in the UK

10/12mm WW2 and 6mm Napoleonic gaming
Great Napoleonic/WW2/basing etc

 6mm Wargaming
A guy in New Zealand, very good scratch built terrain and scenery



Perfect Six Forum
Dedicated brand new 6mm forum

The Miniatures Page
A mine of information on all periods and scales but prone to a lot of threads ending up in a slanging match for some reason!


Handy tools

Flock Box
Fantastic little static grass applicator

Great hand-made brushes (UK)

Rosemary and Co
I only use the best pure Kolinsky Sable brushes and these are very good.
I recommend the series 33, 323, and 441 for figure painting (depending on purpose).
Use the Ivory Short Flats range for dry brushing (bases and terrain).





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