A change of colour.

I am sorry for not posting for some time I was distracted by a WW2 project which I can’t really put on this blog, but now its back to the Napoleonics

As I have finished  a French Division I thought I would have a change and paint some British.
Here are my first efforts.

The 45th (Nottinghamshire) and the 88th (Connaught Rangers).

The 74th (Scotish Regiment but not designated as Highland until after the Napoleonic wars, therefore in line dress) and the 1/5th (Northumberland).

Close up of the 45th Nottinghamshires (The Old Stubborns).
Close up of the 88th Connaught Rangers (The Devil’s Own).
Please click on any of the above images for a bigger picture.

6mm Figure Scale

I have just realised there might be people browsing this blog who have no idea how small these figures are, so here is a picture of my 2nd Brigade commander and his ADC alongside a UK 20 pence piece for comparison.