6mm Figure Scale

I have just realised there might be people browsing this blog who have no idea how small these figures are, so here is a picture of my 2nd Brigade commander and his ADC alongside a UK 20 pence piece for comparison.



2 thoughts on “6mm Figure Scale

  1. After years at bigger scale (mostly 28mm) I’m just getting started into a 6mm project with a buddy to game the English Civil War. So I’m trying to get my head around the shift in sizes, which is fun and you’ve got some awesome resources here at your blog – thank you indeed.

    What size grass tufts do you use with your 6mm soldiers – they look spot on and not like elephant grass!

  2. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your kind comments!
    I use 2mm static grass for most of the bases and occasionally 4mm. These are applied with a ‘Flock Box’ static grass applicator which makes them stand up nicely. If you want to see more 6mm stuff have a look at: http://perfectsixps.proboards.com/.
    It’s all Napoleonic stuff but full of good information and pictures of what is possible with this scale.



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