Wargames Table

Just finished my wargames table. 10’x5′

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4 thoughts on “Wargames Table

  1. I just found your blog whilst searching wargame tables. I must say, your table is truly astounding!!! Do you have more pictures of or or maybe some details on how you built it? I’d love to know!



  2. Hi thindol, thanks for your kind comments about the table. The table was built by using six 1 metre kitchen base units, 3 on each side. I then laid upside down laminate flooring on top and screwed to the units. The reason for the laminate was that I could not get any big sheets of plywood down the stairs. I then put a rim around the outside to stop things falling off. The table was then coated with PVA glue and flock applied to give a nice gaming surface. The whole setup gives me loads of storage underneath for figures and terrain.
    Hope that helps,

  3. Nice ingenuity. How many layers of laminate did you use? Also. How did you fill in the gaps? I guess with PVA glue and flock?

    What kind of flock do you use and do you have trouble with it scraping off at all?


    • Only one layer of laminate needed, it’s quite stiff stuff and doesn’t sag at all. By turning the laminate upside down there are no gaps to fill.
      The flock I used was Javis premier fine turf light green ((ref JFT 1). After sticking the flock down and hoovering the excess off I gave the whole surface a spray with watered down PVA which so far has produced a very stable surface with no flock scraping off.
      Hope that helps 🙂

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